About Me

I love to cook. I love to eat. And if friends and family are around to enjoy these pleasures with me, it is a very happy day indeed. But while I’ve been eating all my life, it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I began to pay attention to where my food came from. I was doing research for an article when I came across many surprising statistics: like that our country has nearly five million fewer farms than it did in the 1930s. Or that while locally grown produce is usually sold within 24 hours of harvest, that orange from Chile probably spent 7-14 days in transit before I saw it in the produce aisle at my supermarket. This got me thinking…which led me to buy better ingredients to cook and bake with…which prompted me to start blogging about all of the healthier tweaks I was making to family recipes and those I found online and in cookbooks…which brings me to the blog you see before you, where I chronicle my adventures in cooking and eating seasonally, locally and organically.

Make no mistake: not everything my husband and I eat is good for us. But most of it is, which is all any of us can do. And my hope is that Made By Michelle will help you find healthier, sustainable ways to fill your belly and those of your loved ones. Browse by season when you need a recipe inspiration or want to learn how to puree pumpkin or grind garlic scapes into fresh pesto. And be sure to check out the “Win It” section, where I’ll be giving away products from food companies that are committed to using sustainable practices.

I hope you enjoy reading Made By Michelle as much as I enjoy writing it. Leave a comment to let me know about a particular recipe that worked for you (or didn’t) or write and tell me about your favorite dishes. And when you find yourself wondering, What should I make for…? I hope you’ll find your answer here.